Friday, 14 April 2017

External Doors Painted - French Style Courtyard

Two external doors finished this week. Our customer chose a colour called - Plush Velvet 1 - High Gloss Dulux paint to blend with her French style courtyard garden of lavender and blue based flowers.
The doors will take approx two weeks to dry thoroughly 
(they will appear dry to touch in a day but scuffing and knocking should be avoided) 
We will return in a few weeks to tidy the glass from any remaining old paint.

It was perfect weather to paint the oil based undercoat 
and two coats of high gloss with drying time in between each coat.

The external door (above) was next to the road, it had been bleached by the sun, the wood split, and the paint peeling. This painting process required thorough preparation, intensive filling and rubbing down to a smooth finish.